What is reputation?

How to earn (or lose) it

What is Reputation?

Reputation is how we measure the trust our community has in you.
It’s earned by convincing your peers that you know what you’re talking about.
We don’t run this site: the community does!

What are roles?

Your Reputation depends on your Role, and it's measured by points.
New joiners start with 0 Reputation points. As you earn Reputation points, your Role improves.

Below is the list of Roles along with the Reputation points they require:

  • User: 0 Points
  • Scholar: 500 points
  • Student: 1.000 points
  • Photographer: 5.000 points
  • Guru: 10.000 points and at least 10 published photos
  • Master: 20.000 points and at least 20 published photos

How to convince the community that you know what you’re talking about?

Our main goal is to create a community of photographers curated by photographers.
This is why we invite you to curate other users’ photos.
Beside it, writing useful comments will help you to build your own Reputation, as other photographers can evaluate your comments by liking it.
The higher is your reputation the more trust you will have in the community.

See below what each Role can do:

  • User
    • Curate photos in curation
    • Write comments
    • Like photos
  • Scholar, Student, Photographer
    • All User actions, plus:
    • Like and dislike comments
    • Vote to promote photos from Upcoming to Prime gallery
  • Guru, Master
    • All above actions, plus:
    • View curation photo popularity

You earn reputation when:

  • Your photo is published on the Prime gallery: +25
  • Your photo is published on the Upcoming gallery: +10
  • Someone likes your comment: +3
  • Someone likes your photo: +1

You lose reputation when:

  • Someone dislikes your comment: -3
  • One of your comments has been removed from an Administrator (inappropriate or duplicated content): -15