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Hypersensitive to black and white photography from a very young age ...... I really realized it when, for the first time, snow covered my daily universe and that it transcended and magnified the banal in beautiful ...... the ordinary in awe. Since that day, I want to see the world through this emotional prism ...... the black and white photo appeared to me as the ideal means. I will not list my glorious awards or publications because there are none; simply an off selection at the Arles meetings, at the Mont Blanc photo festival, some rare releases on 1x and finally screenings via the Wipplay site; they will therefore be the only lines of my pedigree. I do not run after the awards and they either either ...... I just want to photograph these little things in life that sometimes seem insignificant but which are all my soul; freeze them beyond my memory in order to share them.  Photographing is a bit like cheating death ...... a certain survival of ourselves in order to leave and transmit a trace of what we are in the most intimate through our eyes. Also try to reveal people and things for what they are instead of what they appear. Hide the color and its lot of artifices in order to keep the truth of a rough diamond as intact as possible.

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