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Who am I? Born in 1960, lives in Austria and Switzerland and works in the commercial sector. Photography has always been an issue in our family, actually my grandfather started it around 1900. And so it became one of my special passions. I have been photographing for over 40 years now. This means analog for a long time, since the photo was definitely taken in the camera. Editing and creativity took place only in the darkroom. Later I trained as a photographer. The main topics were studio photography and wedding reports. I love to write history, to capture moments, to give time duration. 12 years ago I switched to digital photography. For me, every photo is still created in the eye of the beholder and the camera is then the tool to implement this. The subsequent refinement on the computer is a huge step forward. I like to exchange words with like-minded people, take part in photo competitions and sometimes judge competitions in my surroundings. In the foreground, however, is the moment, which I make unforgettable with a photo.

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